Waste Management Software


Mandalay Technologies is a waste industry specialist supplying technology and services to support operational improvements in the waste industry. From waste management analysis and consulting to data capture solutions that are based on a modular software platform - Mandalay's software solutions are designed to meet existing and future industry requirements.

Since 1998 Mandalay has worked with waste operators from large metropolitan councils, small regional councils, private enterprise and industry groups to develop waste management software and solutions that meet the market's needs.

Whether it's small handheld data capture solutions or multi-site weighbridge solutions, Mandalay's waste management technology can be configured to suit organisational requirements providing timely and auditable data while still maintaining operational flexibility.

Mandalay provides solutions for:

  • single site transfer stations
  • multi-site complex operations such as recycling centres and landfill operations
  • alternative waste treatment (AWT) facilities
  • operations with or without weighbridges
  • weighbridge installations requiring simple, reliable weighbridge software and reporting.
Mandalay's customers:
  • receive customised, cost effective, timely and industry relevant solutions that improve organisational performance and provide cost savings
  • have access to the latest software updates formulated through collective customer and industry relevant intel
  • can pivot quickly in today's market with Mandalay's end-to-end service delivery.
What makes Mandalay Technologies different?
  • Mandalay provides weighbridge solutions and infrastructure software that is functional and has long-term application.
  • The Mandalay team is tech-savvy and pride themselves on being at the forefront of world's best practice in the development, implementation and support of software solutions - that's why they're always working on industry specific updates, incremental releases and iterations.
  • Mandalay partners to deliver integrated, customised solutions for its clients and has a dedicated transactional knowledge of the industry. The team take the time to understand each customer's business to supply the best solution, including compliance and reporting function components.
  • The Mandalay team is agile and know that their systems can improve performance, as well as offer cost savings.
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